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The Cyber E-learning Hub is a brain child of Bridge2Africa Organization that leverages the power of 4.0 technologies to empower learning communities. We have seen our platform evolve from the Cyber Project to a STEM platform and subsequently becoming a one stop E-Learning Hub which has grown to serve a global audience.

Our centre specialise in creating the next breakthroughs in the field of AI, IoT, Robotics , Big Data, Virtual Reality, Cyber Security, Computer Science, Coding and STEM Education to learners of all ages. The Cyber learning Lab is a trusted compliment to the conventional education since we profile emerging smart technologies and instructors from elite universities. The thrust of our learning Lab is to consider the engagement factor, collaborative learning or peer to peer learning, use of critical thinking skills and innovation through project based learning.

This solution based platform facilitates both formative and summative assessments. Students develop both cognitively and socially through integration as they meet other learners from other parts of the world preparing them for the cultural dynamics of the 21st century. Bridge2Africa is proud to present this Solution Based E- Learning Lab equipped with an E-Library integrated with simulations, gamification for immersive learning experience. Indeed we empower learning online communities through innovation

Virtual Learning Lab offers topics in:


AI/Big Data


Iot Technology


Virtual Reality

STEM related subjects

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